A visionary interior architecture studio dedicated to collaborative craft and timeless design.

A team of optimists that prioritise the dialog with the client beyond anything else and finds that the story told begins and ends with the human experience. We believe in diverse minds, committed to fostering both a critical discourse and a vibrant culture.

A shared conviction – to make an impact through the transformative power of creative process is our main value. Our creative process is rooted in both conceptual rigour and an embrace of the individual dreams of every client. We are an international design studio of people who pour hearts over design.


Founder and Interior Architect

Graduated with a masters in architecture (RIBA PART II), Migle has studied and began her career in London, UK before relocating back home to Lithuania. With a background in commercial and residential projects, she strives to express subtle, concise, and timeless designs that communicate a comprehensive narrative. Migle’s strong intuition and disciplined, active listening skills enable her to build strong relations and deliver clean and precise work. Migle strongly believes that close collaboration delivers best results.


Young and ambitious Greta, joined us after graduating Vilnius College of Design and having gained experience working with residential and commercial projects. Her approach to design involves searching for the interaction of beauty and function. Her deep intellectual curiosity and ability to step into any project make her a choice collaborator on all our projects.

Interior Designer

With a multidisciplinary background, Erika first began her career in high end design retail sector before returning to creative field to pursue interior design. With her experience in residential design and administration, Erika prioritises the dialogue with the client beyond anything else and finds that the story being told begins and ends with the human experience. Rigorous yet positive Erika graduated Vilnius College of Technologies and Design.